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Our team is your strength

FIT ESCAPE promotes "active tourism" retreats in Portugal, based in excellence and in ancient knowledge, bringing together the best professional teams to provide you unique experiences of wellness, deep relaxation, energization, self-knowledgeand, healthy eating, always in a close contact with water, the most purifying element.

We plan and organize programs of sports Holidays as an extension of our successful business management at Lisbon Surf Camp.

To serve a more demanding public, Fit Escape promotes all-inclusive health and wellness retreats at a luxurious villa, at Cascais, with high-end service.

The places are chosen for both their energy and close contact to nature where you can experience different activities like surf, yoga, hiking, biking, relaxing massages, sound therapy, meditation, all rapped up with delicious sunbathing and breathtaking ocean views.

Based on the perfect knowledge of the area, people and customs, Fit Escape can also provides structure for sports retreats at Cascais – national, international, private or corporate (especially for companies such as yoga schools or gyms that want to do a retreat).

Just contact us for more information.

Maria Sousa

Was born in Portugal, in 1975.
Her main passions are traveling and sports, especially body board.

She has an university degree in Environmental Engineering and Masters in Spatial and Environmental Planning but can't live without trekking expeditions in places like the Himalayas and Patagonia or surf trips to Hawaii, Morocco, Maldives and Bali.

She has large experience as team coordinator and co-founded Fit Escape to provide you another side of your vacations.