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We answer all the questions you have

How many programs are available on Fit Escape?

Fit Escape was developed to create programs as an extension of our successful business management at Lisbon Surf Camp. All programs have in common water sports, as Surf and Body Board and take place at a luxurious villa, at Cascais, with high-end service.
At the moment there are available two programs: Zen Escape and Luxury Surf Camp.
We also are proud to have Fitness Holidays with us (created by Fit With Me). On this program we work as service providers and local coordinators.

May I book a different program and choose different dates?

Yes, you may. If you are in a group or if you want to bring your family, you can make your own program at “Fit Your Escape”, selecting the activities that FIT you. After you send your request we will reply you with Your personalized Escape simulation.

Are these programs for individuals or groups?

You can join the groups and meet new people or you can bring your friends and family with you.

How many people can take part in the programs?

We limit the groups to 7 - 10 people to allow a personalized support.

On Surf or other activities in which level do I need to be?

Our Escapes are designed to Fit everyone and the instructors adjust the activities according to the participants. The activities will have different levels of difficulty.

What kind of requirements do I need?

Before joining the program, you should ask a medical release from your doctor stating that you are in sufficient health to safely participate in the activity.

What kind of meals will be prepared?

Our menus offer a great variety of choices to meet the most diverse range of individual preferences. You also can experience the local cuisine.
All food will be prepared by our chef and will be inspired in healthy cuisine, balanced and organic to help your body detoxifying along with your spirit and your soul.
In your questionnaire, please inform us if you have special requests or if you are a vegetarian.

Do I have to participate in all activities?

You don’t have to take part in the activities you don’t feel comfortable with. Other alternatives can be arranged like relaxing hike or an excursion to local towns.

Do I have time to relax?

You’ll be given time to have a massage, lie on the beach or by the pool, read a book or sleep.

What do I need to pack?

It depends on the chosen program and the season but in general you’ll need:
  • Comfortable clothing for training;
  • Hiking and running shoes;
  • Small backpack;
  • Sun block, hat, sunglasses and swim gear;
  • Horse ridding equipment (Fitness Holidays optional);
  • Light jacket and sweaters for cooler mornings/evenings.
We will send you a detailed list on your pre-reservation.

What kind of weather can I expect during my program?

Portugal is a very warm and dry country. The temperatures you can expect to have in the different periods of the year are:
  • Between September and October the average temperature will be between 19° and 26°.
  • Between May and June the average temperature will be between 17° and 26°.
  • Between June and August the average temperature will be between 20° and 28°.

What does the cost of the Escape include?

  • Accommodation in shared rooms;
  • All meals, fruits, snacks, and drinks (except alcohol);
  • All group activities;
  • Two individual massages (one Thai massage and one Sound Massage);
  • Airport transfers and transport to the activities.
Prices exclude: Personal or travel insurance and Flights. (You must fly to Lisbon Airport, Portugal, where we will pick you up).
For information about Fitness Holidays please check

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we encourage everyone to buy it before the beginning of the program.

How should I do my reservation?

First you should submit your booking online (see it on each program). After that we will check availability and once we have 5 participants we will send you an email with all instructions to reservation payment (30% or full amount). Once payment is completed you should send us an email with the confirmation receipt. Only then your reservation will be definite.
For information about Fitness Holidays reservation please check

Can Fit Escape cancel the program?

The programs are designed to have 5 participants minimum. We recommend that before booking your flight you confirm with us if we already have the minimum conditions to run the program.
If there are less than 5 participants, Fit Escape can cancel the program and refund your deposit. We will give you the option of choosing another date or program.

What happens if I cancel my Escape?

In case you decide to cancel your reservation please send us an email and we will give you the option of choosing another date or program.

If you have any other questions you wish to see answered, please contact us directly.